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Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care provides a new approach to healthcare services, and applies to all Federal government healthcare programs and is being adopted by all commercial health insurance companies. To ensure adoption of, and adherence to, these healthcare improvement goals, payments for services provided will be substantially reduced, or significantly increased, based on achieving better patient outcomes while reducing delivery costs.

Moving forward, all providers must demonstrate proof that they have identified/vetted and implemented applicable Value-Based products/services in order to participate in the patient care continuum and maximize returns. Discover the ins and outs of what must be done to better ready and implement value-based care for your practice or facility.

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The goals of the Initial Preventative Physical Examination (IPPE) are health promotion, disease prevention, and detection. The IPPE and the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) are preventative services offered by Medicare, waiving patients’ deductibles and copays. It is important to realize that the IPPE and AWV are NOT annual physical exams. Instead, they are a comprehensive wellness exam that can be performed by an in-office MA that is under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

CSO/Wellness Platform Algorithms aid clinician to identify Medicare preventative services and those additional preventative and social services that patients qualify. It prints a complete personalized Patient Care Plan for patient discussing all areas of preventative health and wellness issues discovered during the AWV visit. As well as longitudinal tracking over time. Our CSO/Wellness platform will help your Medicare patients understand the importance of disease prevention, early detection, and lifestyle modifications that support a healthier life.

Allergy testing is made simple with patented, FDA approved technology. One simple 15-minute test will identify 58 of the most common local airborne allergens. Additional positive and negative controls are also included in the test to demonstrate effectiveness. Using a state-of-the-art iOS application, a practitioner can access the world’s largest compendium of allergy data, and via our patented algorithm determine the underlying cause of the patient symptoms and the best treatment pathway for permanent desensitization.

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Monitors are often a physician’s first line of defense when a patient reports symptoms of a cardiac irregularity. Mobile cardiac telemetry is the newest of the monitoring options. MCT devices are small portable monitors that, when a cardiac anomaly is detected, automatically send data. MCT devices provide even more information such as AFIB burden. The data is transmitted to a 24-hour manned monitoring center via a mobile network, and then interpreted by a qualified, cardiac-trained registered nurse. In contrast to the cardiac event monitor, MCT provides real-time monitoring and analysis.

NCF Diagnostic and DNA Technologies provide a 24-Hour turn around on Pathogens with Antibiotic resistance report. No more waiting on an inconclusive culture report. Genetic sequencing of the DNA of Pathogens can show in about 24 hours through a simple swab and include the antibiotic resistance report for that specific wound or infection.

MedMap is a clinical decision support tool that empirically detects the medications in poly-pharmacy patients from a simple finger stick. The test identifies 85% of written prescriptions and select over-the-counter medications. Providers can now know, with absolute certainty, the medications their patients are taking. Equipped with a correct medication lit, physicians can now develop more medication therapy plans and improve patient safety and adherence.

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Electro-Therapy delivers effective relief for patients with injuries and acute or chronic pain.

National Med Group Electro – Therapy Program is a special partnership that makes it easy to add electro-medical devices such as TENS, Muscle Stims, Interferential and Microcurrent Units to your practice. Some additional items included in our program are all braces, TX CPAPs catheters, lumbar supports and cervical & lumbar posture pumps and more. These items may be fitted to a patient without a stim, but it depends on each individual patient’s insurance coverage to determine eligibility for our program.

VisionScope Imaging System (VSI) is an endoscopic visualization platform technology allowing high-definition visualization. It’s an arthroscopic imaging system designed specifically for in-office diagnostic testing. VSI utilizes a 1.4 mm diameter endoscope, providing physicians the ability to visualize, assess and definitively diagnose joint pathologies during the first office visit. The result? Real-time diagnosis, faster-to-care planning, reduction of potentially inconclusive imaging procedures, such as MRI, and optimized caseload management.