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JB Revenue Management assists in implementing programs that turn slow and no pays into recovered revenue for your business. Whether you are starting a new venture or looking for a way to save on taxes, we offer solutions to get you funded, financed, and paid – FAST.

Our Solutions

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We purchase your private – payer medical insurance claims to advance the funds you need. Once we have been paid the amount of our advance by the insurance company, we reassign the account to you so that you can continue to collect any patient – pay amounts remaining on the account, which you retain as funds. We also assist large companies with $300K – $500K and up in accounts receivable.

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JB Revenue Management is a private investment firm focused on providing capital to establish, smaller middle market businesses, operating in nearly all industry sectors. We invest in a variety of transactions including growth capital, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and buyouts. We invest syndicates and sources in established businesses with experienced management teams that have a solid operating history and significant growth potential. Target companies have revenues between $5 and $100 million and an EBITDA of at least $1 million. Our principals have extensive experience leading transactions, as well as working with other private equity firms and independent sponsors.

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Cost Segregation is an approved application by which commercial property owners can accelerate depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes owed. This savings generates substantial cash flow that owners often use to reinvest in the business, purchase more property, apply to their principal payment or spend on themselves. Our goal is to support your CPA or tax advisor with the most accurate IRS defined engineering-based cost segregation study results so you can realize maximum savings and increased cash flow.

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We help execute an account recovery system that puts state-of-the-art recovery process into your hands. It lets you cure your slow-pays before they become no-pays. This is a better way to collect your past due accounts – to recover YOUR money, earlier, at little or no cost. It is not a letter service and it’s not a collection agency.

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