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Durable Medical Equipment

We understand that providing the best care possible to your Patients is your number one priority. The durable medical equipment solutions we provide allow you to do just that: take care of your patients and streamline the care you provide.

Our Solutions

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We have an innovative solution to on-site biomedical waste management. Paying a third-party hauler to dispose of your sharps and red bag waste could be costing you more than you think. Beyond the monthly fees, you still own the liability associated with your waste – even years after the fact. There is a cost-effective, safe simple and secure solution – on-site disposal of your biomedical waste at your facility. Some of the advantages are economical and predictable pricing, safer for your staff and your patients, simple and complete documentation, and proven technology.

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Monitors are often a physician’s first line of defense when a patient reports symptoms of cardiac irregularity. Mobile cardiac telemetry is the newest of the monitoring options. MCT devices are small portable monitors that, when a cardiac anomaly is detected, automatically send data. MCT devices provide even more information such as AFIB burden. The data is transmitted to a 24-hour manned monitoring center via a mobile network, and then interpreted by a qualified, cardiac-trained registered nurse. In contrast to the cardiac event monitor, MCT provides real-time monitoring and analysis.

Electro-Therapy delivers effective relief for patients with injuries and acute or chronic pain. National Med Group Electro – Therapy Program is a special partnership that makes it easy to add electro-medical devices such as TENS, Muscle Stims, Interferential and Microcurrent Units to your practice. Some additional items included in our program are all braces, TX CPAPs catheters, lumbar supports and cervical & lumbar posture pumps and more. These items may be fitted to a patient without a stim, but it depends on each individual patient’s insurance coverage to determine eligibility for our program.

VisionScope Imaging System (VSI) is an endoscopic visualization platform technology allowing high-definition visualization. It’s an arthroscopic imaging system designed specifically for in-office diagnostic testing. VSI utilizes a 1.4mm diameter endoscope, providing physicians the ability to visualize, assess and definitively diagnose joint pathologies during the first office visit. The result? Real-time diagnosis, faster-to-care planning, reduction of potentially inconclusive imaging procedures, such as MRI, and optimized caseload management.

The RM-3A medical device is a powerful tool in managing your patient’s health. Scientifically validated and FDA cleared, this medical device performs a range of tests covered and reimbursed by most insurance companies. This system is non-invasive, and combined with our fast ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) test, takes less than 8 minutes to complete an assessment.

The one-page physician dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health at-a-glance. The screening system provides a patient’s insights covering 8 key factors. Depending on the risk score for each factor, you will be able to determine the best course of action to resolve the patient’s condition, as well as motivate your patients to immediate actions.