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We offer a large variety of ancillary services to help Practices create new, steady revenue streams. Our solutions are cost effective with an emphasis on utilizing the provider’s time efficiently, if at all, so there is little time commitment that does not hinder the Practice’s workflow.

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Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is used for determining how an individual will respond to a particular medicine. PGx testing provides insight into a patient’s metabolic pathways. Knowing which pathways are functioning normally or abnormally allows a physician to prescribe medications as intended by the drug manufacturer, select the most appropriate dose, and even the best drug for the patient.

We can now identify patients who have variations or mutations in the genes that control certain drug metabolic processes. Knowing whether a patient is an extensive/normal, poor, intermediate or ultrarapid metabolizer of a medication allows for patient-specific guidance on which medications should be selected or avoided, and the optimal dosage to prescribe. This avoids a lengthy trial and error process and is a tremendous advancement in healthcare. With PGx testing, gone are the days of a one size fits all approach.

Clinical trials are not only beneficial to the research and development of groundbreaking new medical treatments, but it is also a way to boost your income and credibility. When done correctly, clinical trials can greatly increase your practice income.

Conducting clinical trials puts you in a network of other leading physicians, and this relationship will boost your stance as a thought leader. Expect to be sought out by more members of your community due to your heightened credibility.

As part of conducting clinical trials, you will be in a position to learn about leading-edge treatments, medications, and medical devices. This also means that your patients can take advantage of treatments that can’t be found anywhere else. The appeal of clinical trials is far-reaching, affecting patients with health problems that could potentially be terminal due to the lack of available treatments.

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We offer a convenient, proven method for supplying your patients with the medications they need at the time of their office visit. Approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), and legal in nearly every state, we offer a comprehensive, turn-key solution that includes everything a physician needs to dispense FDA approved medication to patients.

We are excited to present our turnkey system that provides everything you need to get started. We will meet with your staff, help you determine a proper location for your in-office pharmacy, review existing laws governing physician dispensing in your state, work with you to establish a starting formulary and develop a plan of action to get started.

We have been helping practices with office dispensing for a long time. We know staff time is limited and our system is built for a busy practice. We work at your pace in training and never pressure you to do things our way. We suggest what we feel are “best practices” and then work individually with each staff member on an as needed basis. Our software is easy to learn and with cell phones, text messages and email, we are easy to reach if you need us.

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