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JB Revenue Management, LLC is committed to Excellence, through Value and Relationships. We provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve, and partner with them to ensure their business achieves maximum profitability and efficiency. We seek out those who value building strong relationships.

Vision & Values

With our values and relationship mindset, we strive to build our business one relationship at a time. We are here to provide some of the most innovative and powerful solutions in order maximize our clients earning potential, by reducing their expenses and increasing their net yield. Within the next five years, JB Revenue Management, LLC will be one of the top Medical Revenue Cycle Management Companies in the industry.

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Why Choose JB Revenue Management

We help Physicians thrive in private practice and hospital settings to maximize their revenue.

Experienced Professionals

The JB Revenue Management Team has more than 20 years experience in generating new revenue in healthcare.
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Trusted Partners

Over the years we have built a vast network of quality contacts and trusted partners that have a proven track record.
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Strategic Alliances

Where strategic partnerships make sense, our strong relationships in the industry have proven beneficial to our clients.
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We Are an Extension of Your Team

Beyond being consultants, we collaborate with our clients to create long lasting relationships that provide the best possible solutions.

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One Stop Shop

We offer solutions including, but not limited to, revenue management, value based care, ancillary services, and funding. We value being a resource your resource.
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Strategy & Implementation

We go beyond simply identifying bottlenecks and offering solutions – we also help develop and implement strategies that deliver real, sustainable results.
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Featured Solutions

Value Based Care

Clinical Trials

Contribute to the medical community and earn additional revenue by helping conduct clinical trials.

Funding & Finance

Accounts Receivable Funding

We purchase your private – payer medical insurance claims to advance the funds you need.

Value Based Care

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing made simple with a patented, FDA approved technology completed within 15 minutes.


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